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Beyond our galaxy


  -Nebulae and clusters

  -Solar system

Image processing


Mars 27'th of April 2014

Orion Optics VX12, Televue 5x Powermate, QcamL-II color 10% of ~12000 frames used, 640x480 RAW avi at ~100 fps.
Light travel time: about 3 minutes.
AVI files acquired EZPlanetary, stacked with Autostakkert, wavelet using Registax 6 and color and adjustments in Astroart 5.0.
Seeing varied quite a bit, but was sometimes quite good as observed in 5 frame gif of 5 avi stacks taken at intervals of 2-3 mins over about 45 min.
Larger image is from the best seeing and was drizzled 1.5x i Autostakkert.

Author e-mail: webweichel(snabel-a)gmail.com

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