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Beyond our galaxy


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Image processing


NGC4291, 4319, 4345, 4386 - galaxies 25 December 2015

Link to full image.

Orion Optics VX12 F4 working at F4.6 with TeleVue VIP 2010, SBIG ST-4000XCM -25C 3h00min (18x600sec).
Group of galaxies located about 85 mill. light years away (NGC4291). The distribution of dark matter measured in NGC4291 indicate a very massive black hole near the center, relative to the galaxy's visual size.
Light travel time: ~80 mill years.
Processing: CCDSoft, Astroart 5.0.

NASA details of the black holes and dark matter in the galaxy.

Author e-mail: webweichel@gmail.com

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